The guy began battling so you can kill her or him so much more well towards the staff than the firearms

14 (w) . Either, the preposition ???? is annexed to the latter of the 2 objects, instead of the person or thing which is compared having himself otherwise in itself according ones 2 stuff.

The Arabic preposition min ???? is also used to indicate partition

????? ????????????? ?????????? ???????? ???? ????????? he began stressed to destroy these with the employees more solidly than simply (with) the fresh weapons.

15 (h) . The new signal because of it meaning shade is the fact it will be easy to replace it by ????? some (of) /part (of) / portion (of).

??????? ?????????? ?????? ?????????? unless you purchase away from / off / some of / section of / part of everything you like. sixteen (w) . The Arabic preposition min ???? is also used to indicate The relation which subsists between the part the whole, the speciparece the fresh genus. And therefore in addition provides to suggest the brand new loved ones within post and point made from they [ of, element of, percentage of, certainly ]

????????? ???? ?????????? their apparel was regarding silk. ???? ????????? ??? ?????? he’s into the no part of training (i.age. he’s nothing in connection with training) . When ???? indicates a part of a complete, it is said to be used ????????????? to indicate division into parts; when it indicates the parts at which a complete consists, it is used ????????????? to indicate composition.

17 (w) . When ???? precedes (arrives ahead of) a definite noun, especially in new plural, they tend to indicates a long amounts or number.

18 (w) . Often ???? preceded by an indefinite noun, is folldue by definite plural of the identical noun managed so you’re able to signify that a person otherwise question is entirely vague. [ of ]

19 (w) . When an indefinite noun denoting your state or updates are used by ???? with the same noun defined in the singular, it is short for a top level of one to state otherwise position.

20 (h,m) . The Arabic preposition min ???? can also be used for explanation of genus, being replaceable by ???????? and coming after ??? what or ??????? whatever or something else.

????????????? ????????? ???? ???????????? very avoid the uncleanliness of / that’s / particularly the idols. Here this new uncleanliness of exactly what? is explained or specified after ???? i.e. the idols. Replacing by ???????? will be ????????????? ????????? ??????? ???? ???????????? so avoid the uncleanliness that is the idols

The Arabic preposition min ???? can also be used to indicate the definition or explanation of a general or universal by a special or kind of term, the second are one of many stuff that comprise the previous

??? ???????? ????????????? ???? ????????? the object regarding aim and search we.elizabeth. / that is / specifically the details wasn’t hit.

twenty two (w) . The Arabic preposition min ???? is constantly used after the indefinite pronoun ??? what, and ??????? whatever, which cannot be construed which have an excellent genitive. So after ??? and ??????? a verb is used, and after the verb ???? is used along with the genitive (i.e. the term regarding the genitive situation). In some cases this ???? after ??? may be considered as the partitive min.

24 (w)(h)(n) . The Arabic preposition min ???? is also sometimes used to designate the person or thing in which a certain quality oroentgen a particular thing’s top quality or qualities is actually well-known.

25 (w) . After negative particles after interrogatives put in a negative sense ???? prefixed to an indefinite noun means none at all, not one, no one. In such cases ???? alone can usually be translated using any.